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πŸ’΅ Wow Black Friday Deals List - 2023 πŸ€‘ ​

A curated list of deals on Black Friday 2023. Feel free to add your app's deal below with a Pull Request.

The repo is made by trungdq88, pull request on the source repo, and I will sync it.

Make sure you add your deal at the end of each category (first come, first merged).

Follow the discount emoji below:

EmojiDiscount Percentage
πŸ’΅< 20%
πŸ’°20% β†’ 50%
πŸ€‘>= 50%

Don't forget to:

Meet our sponsors ​

CleanClip (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
Macaify (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ Free
The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever!

πŸ”΅ Native macOS app, fast & beautiful.
πŸ”΅ True minimalist UI
πŸ”΅ Auto Save Copies
πŸ”΅ Nearby Text Cursor Popup Menu
πŸ”΅ Paste Stack
Unlock 🧠 Fast use of ChatGPT

🟒 Totally Free
🟒 Native macOS app, fast & beautiful.
🟒 Customize predefined robots
🟒 1000+ robot templates
🟒 Mouse-free, all keyboard operation

Meet our sponsors - trungdq88 ​
πŸ”₯ 40% OFF
DevUtils (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
Xnapper (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
Professional UI for ChatGPT/Anthropic Claude/Open Source LLM

πŸ”΅ No monthly fee, use your own API key
πŸ”΅ Text-to-speech, Web Search, DALL-E 3
πŸ”΅ Chat folders, search, export
πŸ”΅ Prompt library, AI characters, Plugins
All-in-one toolbox for developers.

🟒 42+ carefully crafted developer tools.
🟒 Native macOS app, fast & beautiful.
🟒 Work offline, and respect your data.
🟒 Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura.
Take beautiful screenshot easy and fast for social media.

🟣 Beautiful screenshots in 2 seconds
🟣 Auto balance screenshot
🟣 Auto hide sensitive info
🟣 Annotations

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Developer Tools ​

πŸ’» Developer macOS Apps ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘DevUtilsAll-in-one toolbox for developers. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ€‘Find My PortsManage all your open development ports, resolve conflicts, and Vercel deployment status integration. Supports Apple Silicon & macOS Sonoma+.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°ProxymanDebug Network HTTP/HTTPS Faster & Smarter with Proxyman. Support Apple Silicon & macOS Sonoma. Run on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Linux.30% OFF with code PROXYMAN_BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ’°AptakubeDesktop Client for Kubernetes. Modern, fast and multi-cluster. Runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux30% OFF on personal licenses with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°RayDebug your code easier with Ray. Ray is a desktop application that serves as the dedicated home for debugging output.30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ€‘clawsCLI & AI developer playgrounds for AWS. Runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux.50% OFF with code BF2023
πŸ€‘RocketSim for Xcode SimulatorApple's "Essential Apps for Developers" β€” Save hours optimizing repetitive tasks and build apps faster.50% OFF on Team Licenses with BLACKFRIDAY from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
πŸ€‘OK JSONA scriptable JSON formatter for macOS.50% OFF, both on the Mac App Store and the website with code BF2023 from Nov 23 – Nov 29
πŸ€‘GitoniumOpinionated Git Client with AI-generated commit messages and a better way to solve merge conflicts.50% OFF on the Mac App Store
πŸ€‘Sequence Diagram Tool by ZenUMLGenerate Sequence Diagrams from text.$0.99 (down from $29.99) on 24th Nov on the Mac App Store
πŸ’°MedisModern Redis GUI for macOS.20% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023. Valid until Nov 24.
πŸ€‘Star OrderBest GitHub Star Tool with tags and categories. You can easily find and manage your stared repos on GitHub50% OFF on the Mac App Store
πŸ€‘ShellHistoryWith the ShellHistory, you can easily keep years of shell history, search history using Full-Text Search, back it up to your private iCloud, and create Notebooks.50% OFF on the Mac App Store
πŸ’°KaleidoscopeSpot the differences in text and image files, or even folders full of files. Review changes in seconds, with the world's most powerful file comparison and merge app for macOS.40% OFF for a year of subscription using promo code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°RunJSA playground for JavaScript and TypeScript30% OFF (automatically applied) until 30th November
πŸ€‘TowerPowerful Git client50% OFF
πŸ’°LocalCanβ„’Ngrok alternative, allowing developers to build and test apps with .local domains and persistent Public URLs25% off with BLACKFRIDAY25 code!

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πŸ’» Tools & Services ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘DotenvSecrets for developers. Sync your .env files across machines, environments, and team members.25% OFF forever with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023 Sign up and then email [email protected] with the code.
πŸ’°LocaleDataManage your Ruby on Rails translations easily.30% OFF first payment with code BF2023
πŸ€‘AzimuttEasily explore large databases, SQL or document. Also design, document and even analyze them. It's the perfect mix between an ERD, a SQL client and a data catalog.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘LambdaTestPerform unlimited website and app testing on LambdaTest’s cloud of 3000+ desktop and mobile browser environments up to 70% faster than any cloud grid. ⚑Get a flat 30% off on all LambdaTest Annual plans (Use Coupon code BFCM30 on the checkout page)
πŸ’°TailscanThe ultimate devtool for Tailwind CSS. Build, design and debug any Tailwind website visually with Tailscan, right within the browser.20% discount from 13th November until Cyber Monday (limited slots)
πŸ€‘VerbcodeSimplify your localization journey using Verbcode to manage your json, yaml and strings files.
DeepL integration to bring your own API Key.
50% discount for the whole November with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’°Blade MailSending test emails locally never been easier with Blade Mail (mailhog alternative)50% discount with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’°FlareFlare is a Laravel error tracker. Track all your PHP and JavaScript errors in one placeEnjoy a 50% discount on your first 3 months of Flare with the code FLAREBLACKFRIDAY from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ€‘myJsonA RESTful API for flexible storage of JSON data.50% discount for 100k credits BF2023
πŸ’°ChatDBFinally, let AI write your SQL. Do advanced data analysis on your database and get insights without SQL!20% discount on all plans by using the code FRIYAY.
πŸ€‘NoCommandLineA GUI for Google App Engine & Datastore Emulator.50% OFF (automatically applied) until Dec 15
πŸ€‘WebhookifySimplify webhook integration with our desktop app. Easily generate, manage, and test custom webhook URLs for seamless third-party service connections.50% discount with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY2023 until Dec 1

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πŸ€– AI Tools ​

πŸ’¬ AI Chat UI ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘TypingMindThe best advanced UI for ChatGPT/GPT-4/Claude. No monthly fee, no usage limit. Use your own API key. Advanced features: chat folders, search, export, prompt library, AI characters, Text-to-speech, Web Search, Plugins40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘BoltAINative ChatGPT app for Mac. It allows entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, students, and anyone else to integrate AI assistance into their daily tasks. It is designed to enhance productivity across a wide range of professions, from writing and development to management and entrepreneurshipEnjoy 53% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ€‘ChatHubAll-in-one AI chatbot client. It allows you to chat with ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude and more chatbots simultaneously. No monthly fee, buy once, use forever.Enjoy 30% off with this discount code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘GasbyAIFancy AI Assistant - Work with URL/Docs/Audio/Video, generate images, 600+ Prompts, 100+ AI Characters. Support OpenAI, Azure Openai, Claude, OpenRouter and Custom API servicesUse BF23 to get 40% off for all licenses, 20% off for all plans
πŸ€‘BeamEnjoy the launcher-like native macOS experience. You'll never have to switch the context again! Simply press a hotkey and work with ChatGPT anytime, anywhere on your Mac.70% OFF if you use BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘DeckAssistantAn AI Assistant for Stream Deck with a better ChatGPT. A.I. at your fingertips. Literally.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘AnySelectThe best and quickest way to use ChatGPT from anywhere on your Mac.70% OFF with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ’°ChatTabA ChatGPT Mac App Designed for Minimalists30% OFF if you use Y2NTY3MW from 23th November until November 28th
πŸ’°My AskAICreate an AI assistant, trained on your Help Docs, quicker than it takes to make a coffee. Perfect for automating customer support.33% OFF (lifetime) with a promo code BLACKFRIDAY23!
πŸ€‘olly.botOlly is your virtual assistant in iMessage. It can search the web, generate images, set reminders, answer questions from PDFs and more!50% off lifetime with code BLACKFRIDAY23

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πŸ“– AI Productivity & Learning Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘PDF PalsNative ChatPDF app for Mac. It allows users to chat with any PDF document on their Mac without the need for uploading or file size limitations. The tool offers a fast and powerful OCR engine, enabling it to handle scanned PDFs and complex forms effectivelyEnjoy 53% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ€‘MindPalEffortlessly build AI Agents for your tasks, on your custom data. The easiest way to double your brainpower, 10x your productivity with an AI-powered second brain that knows it all and does it all.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ€‘Deutsch MentorExperience a revolutionary way to learn German with the power of AI. Join Deutsch Mentor and learn German with a tutor that is always available for you.The 50% discount will be available from 24 to 27 November directly on the webpage
πŸ€‘Writers brewAn AI writing assistant app for Mac. It works across your macOS. It has 50+ writing tools, presets, utilities, OCR etcGet 50% OFF - Discount auto-applied**
πŸ€‘Audio writerJust record your spontaneous thoughts, we'll turn them into clear & coherent in writing. We just don't stop there, we'll also help you in shaping your thoughts into content across various formats, various languages etcGet 50% discount until November 28th
πŸ’°SourcelyAI-powered tool for finding, summarizing, and formatting sources for your academic papers. That's something Google Scholar can't do.Enjoy 25% off by using BLACKFRIDAY23 code until November 27.
πŸ’°Yomu AIAI-powered editor for writing, editing, citing, and proofreading papers and essays. Save time and write superior academic papers with Yomu AI.Enjoy 25% off by using BLACKFRIDAY23 code until November 27.
πŸ’°SiteSpeakAIAutomate your customer support with ChatGPTGet 30% off with discount code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°UserdeskLeads generation for your business with AI ChatbotsGet 30% off with discount code AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ’° is a simpler and better way to learn, research, and write using AI-powered concept maps. Dive deep into any topic via branching explorations using a mindmap-like interface.Enjoy 40% off by using BFRIDAY2023 code on checkout until December 1.
πŸ€‘BunniThe best* document summarizer in the world (probably)50% off any credit pack using this code at checkout: BLACKFRIDAY50.
πŸ€‘EnconvoThe most productive all-in-one AI tool (Vision Chat, ChatPDF, TTS) with an easy plug-in system for macOS users.Enjoy 53% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ’°Interview IgniterA collection of AI-based practice tools designed to help job seekers excel in interviews, including role play and coding prep.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BF2023
πŸ€‘AI.toWatchsummarize content from YouTube, Podcasts, TikTok, and even local files like Meeting recordings and Lecture videos with our AI-driven Video Summarizer. Discover a smarter way to learn with ChatGPT, your best AI-powered study companion!Get 50% discount with this discount code AITODO until November 28th
πŸ€‘HexomaticWeb scraping + AI work automation, made easy Tap into the internet as your own data source and automate 100+ sales, marketing, or research tasks on autopilot.Get access to all products and save 70% OFF with the Everything Bundle AWESOMEBF2023
πŸ€‘AudionotesCapture and Transform your voice and text notes into customizable text summaries and content. Chat with your notes and connect your notes with Zapier, Notion, and Whatsapp.Flat 60% Off on all Annual Plans with code BLACKFRIDAY60
πŸ€‘ChatwithCustom chatbot for your website; trained on your files, urls, and with 5000+ integrations that allow you automate lead generation, customer support and more.Enjoy 50% off (perpetually) with code BLACKFRIDAY (expires on Cyber Monday)

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✨ Other AI tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘VectorArt.aiCreate vector images with AI. Use the power of generative AI to create infinitely scalable vector images, logos, icons and illustrations for your website, business or app.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BFF2023
πŸ€‘JSON Data AICreate AI-generated API endpoints. Get JSON data about anything with a prompt. Turn it into an API endpoint. Start fetching.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ’°PlaylistAICreate Spotify and Apple Music playlists with AIGet 50% off by downloading the app
πŸ’°PROMPTMETHEUSCross-platform Prompt IDE. Take your Prompt Engineering to the next level and augment your apps and workflows with the mighty capabilities of Generative AI.Get 35% off with the code BLACKF23. Valid until Nov 24.
πŸ’°Written LabsUse AI to generate hundreds of articles in a few clicks. Analyze your SERP competitors and outrank them. Scrape websites and use their content in AI prompts.Get 50% FOREVER off with the code BF50.
πŸ’°A.I.C.AI image generator app that uses Stable Diffusion as a core technology. It's easy to use and perfect for generating images on the go.50% off on the annual plan. From Black Friday till the end of Cyber Monday.
πŸ€‘SaaS Pricing OptimizerGive your pricing page link and receive 6 tailored optimizations to boost your SaaS profit.Get 70% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY70, only valid until Nov 24.
πŸ€‘OptiCleanThe easiest way to remove object from images on macOS.50% off until Nov 24.
πŸ’°Easy-Peasy.AIYour One-Stop Solution for Content Creation powered by GPT-4/Claude 2, Image Crafting (DALL-E 3/SDXL), Audio Generation, and AI Transcription.40% OFF with code BFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Dream DecoderExplore, understand, and connect your dreams to your waking life with AI.70% OFF on the annual plan
πŸ€‘AI SpendKeep track of your OpenAI usage and costs with AI Spend, and never be surprised again.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°ChatUMLAI diagram generator that helps you brainstorm, explore, and design your next great application50% OFF on the Pro package (x2 credits)
πŸ’°ClevisBuild AI powered apps and automation flows without code.25% off with code BLACK
πŸ€‘ArtSmart.aiUse AI to generate hundreds of images in a few clicks. Perfect for bloggers, SEO agencies, small businesses, print on demand services. Any scenario where you need to create a lot of images quickly and cheaply.Enjoy up to 50% OFF, only valid from Nov 24 – Nov 30 (automatically applied by this URL)
πŸ’°ColorBliss.artCreate printable custom coloring sheets in seconds. Generate any coloring sheet you (or your kid) can imagine.25% OFF your first 12 months with code BF23
πŸ€‘WhisperUIThe most affordable Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text service.Get 40% OFF using BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘StoryleoCreate bedtime stories with audio for children using AI.Enjoy 70% OFF on Generating 40 stories
πŸ€‘ReplyReply is the ultimate AI-powered sales engagement platform that helps sales teams to find new leads, engage them via multiple channels, and create endless opportunities at scale.Get 75% off on all annual plans (first 4 months) + 25% off add-ons with the coupon code HOLIDAY2023
πŸ’°unstock.aiGenerate vector icons, logos and illustrations for your project in seconds.30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘PitchPalGenerate startup funding applications to popular accelerators (YC, Seedcamp, etc.) using AI.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY50

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πŸŒ… Design Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘XnapperTake beautiful screenshot easy and fast. Smart features: auto balance, auto-hide sensitive info, auto-fill background color. Other features: annotations, image compression, and keyboard shortcuts. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ€‘ResizeGeniusResizeGenius is a macOS app for effortless batch resizing and editing of images. This powerful yet user-friendly application is designed to streamline your image processing tasks, enabling you to resize multiple images simultaneously while maintaining your preferred configurations, just like following a resizing recipe.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°snappifyCreate stunning Code Presentations with smooth animations and export them as Videos. From creating Social Media content, to Explanatory Videos and Technical Slides - snappify got you covered!30% OFF first year with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ’°SMBImgTake screenshots, apply unique backgrounds and customize the watermarks. Features: rounded corners, shadows, predefined image sizes, zooming, custom offsets. Export to webp, jpeg, png and gif.40% OFF first year with code BF2023
πŸ€‘PixpaPixpa is an all-in-one, no-code website builder for creatives and small businesses to create beautiful, professional websites with an in-built online store, a dynamic blog, client galleries, ecommerce galleries, a photo gallery app, and marketing tools. Pixpa’s versatile platform has everything you need to showcase your work, share ideas, and sell your work online without any coding knowledge.Use promo code BLFPIXPA50 to avail 50% discount on annual plans and a 63% discount on biannual plans.
πŸ’°Sparkle 5Visual Website Builder for macOS Β· Build the website you always wanted, visually, on your Mac.40% OFF (automatically applied)

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⌨️ Code Libraries ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°LivewireDemosReusable Component Library for Laravel Livewire.40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ’°fullPage.js SliderCreate Beautiful Fullscreen Scrolling Websites.Up to 40% OFF **

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πŸ”₯ Productivity ​

πŸ–₯️ Productivity Desktop Apps ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Zen ModeAvoid those awkward moments in public places or in presentation meetings in 1-click30% OFF auto-discount
πŸ€‘ToDoBarEffortlessly manage to-dos from your Mac menu bar>= 50% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°RadarTrack important metrics from your menubar with analytics & threshold alerts. Available for macOS, Windows & Linux. Mobile apps coming soon.30% OFF with code BLACK23
πŸ’°OchiBlock distracting apps & websites on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.50% OFF Monthly/Yearly
πŸ’°Tim Time TrackerNative macOS time tracker with menu bar app, scripting, powerful charts and data organization.30% OFF with code NEATBF2023
πŸ€‘NoteSLAYEROrganizes Notes & Tasks Effortlessly. Available for macOS, Windows & Linux. Mobile sync is on the horizon.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘ScreenMemoryRecord your screen and play it back to remember what you worked on, with text search. macOS only.25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘DevControlsAccess and manage all your project from the macOS menu bar.25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘BreatherA macOS Menu Bar application that provides a seamless and intuitive break management experience.>= 50% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°Spaces for macOSDeclutter & organize your workspace on macOS in one single click 🎊35% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°SMBActSimplify the process of interacting with all your windows and applications using an all-in-one cross-platform window manager and switcher. Main features: control windows with keyboard, fuzzy search of window actions, switch focus to any window, multi-display support. Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.40% OFF with code BF2023
πŸ€‘TripsyTravel Planner for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Tripsy Pro gives you unlimited flight alerts (the best on the market), unlimited documents, unlimited guests, forwarding reservations, and much more!50% OFF on the first year, or 25% OFF on the Lifetime purchase.
πŸ€‘AudioWranglermacOS app that automatically switches to your favorite mic/speakers based on what is currently connected50% OFF auto-discount
πŸ€‘RecutA Mac + Windows app that saves hours on video/audio editing by automatically cutting pauses.50% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°Daily Time TrackingTime tracking for Mac without toggling timers by periodically asking what you are doing.50% OFF on the lifetime license and annual licence (first year only)
πŸ€‘WinsA New Mac Window Manager. Dock Window Previewer. Bring System-level Arrange Window features to Mac50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023
πŸ’°DisplayBuddyControl the brightness of monitors directly from your Mac - no need to touch your monitor buttons!25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’°GlanceCam IP Camera ViewerGlanceCam is beloved and powerful IP camera viewer for Mac with support for standard streaming protocolsStandard version $ 2,69 (33% off!)
πŸ€‘MuteDeckNever hear "hey, you're on mute" again. Say goodbye to meeting stress and mistakes with MuteDeck.Enjoy 50% off with this discount code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘Chronos PlannerTake control of your day with better daily planning. Features daily pages, a fully-featured editor, calendar integration, fast local searching, and many more helpful tools.50% OFF one-time purchase
πŸ€‘JobleeJoblee is designed to make your job search process simpler and more efficient.53% OFF for the first year with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘CleanClipThe cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever! Say goodbye to clipboard content overwrite. Master your clipboard with precision using the paste stack function.50% OFF with code BF2023
πŸ€‘OpenIn 4Advanced Link Handler for Browsers, e-Mails and Files50% OFF on the Mac App Store
πŸ’°PasteEndless clipboard: keep, search, and organize everything across your Mac and iOS devices.30% off first year on all devices for new users
πŸ€‘SilenzMix your music and the sounds of the outside world in a smart way. Stay focused. Hear with your headphones on. Reduce distractions.50% OFF
πŸ’°BetterTouchToolAutomate your Mac & customize all of your input devices.25% OFF with code BTT_BLACK_FRIDAY_2023

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πŸ“± Productivity Mobile Apps ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Email MeThe fastest way to capture your thoughts. Email yourself in one tap.50% OFF Lifetime Access
πŸ’°Changes for LinearA native and minimal iOS app for linear.Get 50% off by downloading the app
πŸ’°Focused WorkA powerful timer that helps you focus and be productive.50% OFF Monthly/Yearly
πŸ’°MydayMyday is a powerful daily planner app that is designed to boost productivity and help users achieve their daily goals. Myday is perfect for those who struggle with time management and need a better way to plan their day.50% OFF Lifetime Purchase
πŸ€‘Clean SweepDeclutter your similar photos, videos and contacts.50% OFF Lifetime Access
πŸ€‘TextMaskRedact, highlight, blur, or pixelate live text on your images.50% OFF Lifetime Access
πŸ’°BookmarksUniversal app to save, organize, and sync across links for all your devices.45% OFF Lifetime Access
πŸ’°Journal it!All-in-one life planner. The combination of journal, planner, note-taking, tracker, habit,... (iOS, Android, web). Local first, auto-sync, end-to-end encryption.50% OFF Lifetime Access
πŸ€‘TripsyTravel Planner for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Tripsy Pro gives you unlimited flight alerts (the best on the market), unlimited documents, unlimited guests, forwarding reservations, and much more!50% OFF on the first year
πŸ’°RewardMeLooking for a fun and engaging way to motivate your child? RewardMe is the answer. Promote productivity and a positive daily routine.50% OFF Yearly
πŸ’°Clendar - Minimal CalendarClendar is an minimal calendar app that focus on the simplicity of uses. Natural language parsing is supported.50% OFF Clendar+ Access
πŸ€‘ItemlistItemlist is a home inventory app for iOS. Track and organize your items, never forget where you put something again, and be prepared for home contents insurance.50% OFF Lifetime PRO
πŸ€‘TeleprompterTeleprompter helps you record your speeches on camera confidently.60% OFF Lifetime PRO until Nov 24
πŸ€‘LimoryVibrant memories through photos! Use AR technology to create captivating videos.Annual subscription is 54% OFF
πŸ€‘HabitLoopIntuitive habit tracker with interactive widgets50% OFF HabitLoop Pro (Lifetime)

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πŸ› οΈ Productivity Tools & Services ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Readbetter.ioReadbetter lets you read your favorite newsletters and web articles on your Kindle! Automatically receive your Substacks & co. on Kindle instead of in your email inbox.20% off all yearly plans with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘OneWeekA crazy simple todo list for all workaholics80% OFF - auto-discount
πŸ’°YouTube SummarizedGenerate video summaries of any YouTube video20% off any plan with coupon BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘One Tab GroupOne Tab Group is a chromium based extension that allows you to manage your tabs & tab groups in one place. One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session.Use code Y1MDUXNW to redeem this while checking out
πŸ’°BuildstreakStop abandoning projects, start shipping more.30% off the lifetime deal. Use code BF30 at checkout.
πŸ€‘RedacRedac is a macOS app that makes redacting information in images easier50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°ScribblerSummarizer and chat tool for any youtube video or podcast.30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2023 at checkout.
πŸ’°Side SpaceYour browser tabs, organized. Take control of your web browsing with our Vertical Tabs Manager browser extension.20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY20 redeem this while checkout.
πŸ€‘HirevireHirevire's automated screening software lets you collect video, audio and file responses from candidates. Stop wasting time on candidates you'll never hire.50% Off on new subscriptions with BlackFriday50Off
πŸ€‘PodPulseTop Podcasts notes and takeaways with request on demand feature60% off the annual plan. Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’°InboxPurgeThe fastest way to unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails30% OFF the PRO plan. Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Voices.inkTranscribe your spoken ideas directly into Notion. Your voice is now your most powerful productivity tool.50% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°ReadineUniversal reader (RSS and more)25% OFF, "BF 2023" pack
πŸ€‘RogerRogerRogerRoger is the ultimate crossover between a shared inbox and project management. It wraps CRM, shared inbox, and task management in one easy-to-use tool. Finally, all your customer details, emails, tasks, and actions stay together for maximum context.50% Off with BlackFriday2023

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🌈 Marketing Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ClippulseClippulse empowers you to create captivating, professional-grade promo videos that resonate with your audience, drive more traffic, and elevate brand awareness, without video editing headaches.$59 Lifetime Deal
πŸ€‘DopplioAI-personalized videos for SMBs. Record a video once, and personalize it forever with AI Lip-Sync and voice cloning to reach more prospects.25% OFF Annual Plan with code BLACKFRIDAY23 from Nov 24-27
πŸ€‘UneedTool directory: promote your tools and projects in front of thousands of people 🀩!50% off everything with the code BLACKFRIDAY2023!
πŸ’°SortPin.comSortPin for Pinterest is the ultimate tool for Pinterest lovers. Unlock hidden pin data, discover viral pins, filter ads effortlessly, find relevant boards, and download images and videos easily. Step up your Pinterest game with SortPin.40% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°ProductVideoExamples.comLearn from a library of over 100 hand-picked engaging SaaS product video examples. Video examples are labled and can be filtered by length, type, industry and more.50% OFF Lifetime Deal with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘VeshortA URL shortener that helps businesses create more reliable and traceable marketing links for effective targeted marketing, along with features such as bio pages, QR codes, call-to-action overlays, and more.Lifetime Deal $49
πŸ€‘Product Hunt WorkbookA step-by-step blueprint to rank on top of Product Hunt. Get a list of 125 proven launch tasks, 63 post templates and 99 communities to share your Product Hunt launch50% OFF with coupon code BF50
πŸ€‘T.LY URL ShortenerT.LY is the World's Shortest Link Shortener service to track, brand, and share short URLs.50% OFF with coupon code blackfriday
πŸ’°MailcoachMailcoach is the email marketing platform that covers all your email needs for a fraction of the cost. Don't pay for having a list of subscribers, pay for what you send.Get $30 off your first invoice with coupon code MAILCOACHBLACKFRIDAY from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°PushAlertPushAlert (Web Push Notifications) is a user engagement, retention and marketing automation platform which allows you to push real-time notifications to your website users on both mobile and desktop without any mobile app.Get $30 Off on All Annual Plans
πŸ’°FounderPalAI-powered marketing strategy generator for Solopreneurs !30% off with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY!
πŸ’°Markopolo.aiMarkopolo AI: A powerhouse in AI-driven paid marketing optimization, offering comprehensive first-party tracking across devices, with best-in-class analytics suite.50% off on all products using the code BFD50MT
πŸ€‘MotionscribeTurn your text and images into great looking promo videos. No editing skills required. Built for macOS.50% off until Cyber Monday
πŸ’°Affiliate CornerA done-for-you solution for affiliate marketers. Find affiliate programs, filter across 20+ data points and get valuable insights across affiliate niches easily.50% OFF with code BFCM50
πŸ€‘AppfiguresGrow your app's downloads and revenue with intelligence and intuitive tools for App Store Optimization and competitior intelligence.50% OFF with code BF2350S

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πŸ” SEO Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°GSCTool.comEffortlessly clean up your search console account with our Chrome extension, supporting Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Yandex. (bulk url removal, bulk indexing url, bulk inspection url to Google, Bing & Yandex)25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°DocswriteExport Google Docs to WordPress in 1-Click. Clean SEO-optimized exports including your images without any copy-paste.25% OFF with code 25BLACK
πŸ’°QualitycsAudit your website's performance and user experience automatically. Qualitycs runs lighthouse on all pages of your website regularly and create aggregated reports to focus on the right issues.25% OFF automatically
πŸ’°CheckbotTests 100s of pages at a time for SEO, speed and security problems like broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, redirect chains and more. Test unlimited sites as often as you want including localhost.50% OFF first year of yearly plan with code NOV23
πŸ’°BacklinkManagerLink-building platform for SaaS companies & digital agencies. Keep track of your links, get notifications on status changes, manage partnerships, reports, dashboards and more!30% OFF with code bf2023

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πŸš€ Startup SaaS/Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘BoloForms SignatureTake digital signatures in pdf & forms using dashboard or using our API, a better and cheaper alternative to Docusign20% OFF with code 20BOLOBFCM
πŸ€‘InclusionKitMake your native iOS and Android apps accessible! Accessibility auditing/testing subscription that saves your developers' time.50% OFF monthly subscription (forever) with code BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ€‘DronaHQDronaHQ, a low-code developer toolset, accelerates custom app development by 10X.30% OFF on annual plans with 5 Free co-building sessions Get your code here
πŸ’°ApplikuDeploy and manage your apps with ease on your own servers30% discount valid whole November BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°HelpKit.soTurn your Notion pages into a professional help center or documentation site. HelpKit comes with an embeddable widget, full-text search, AI chatbot, analytics, article reactions much more. Deliver instant help to your customers without ever leaving Notion.35% OFF with code black_friday_23
πŸ€‘DeployBotPush. Build. Deploy! Instantly build and ship code anywhere in one consistent process for your entire team.80% discount valid the last week of November WITHOUT CODE
πŸ’°ComplyDogGDPR compliance software for B2B SaaS startups30% lifetime discount valid until end of November. Sign up using code 2023BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘BCMSOpen-source, Headless CMS for developers50% OFF on both monthly and annual plans with BLACKFRIDAY2024 from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
πŸ’°StatusPalCommunicate about incidents and maintenance effectively with a beautiful Status Page - Powerful automations and API enable you to focus on solving rather than communicating.30% OFF for 1 year with code AWESOME_BLACKFRIDAY until Nov. 29th
πŸ’°OpenformStackOpen Source, Form backend that allows you to collect form submissions without writing any backend code30% OFF on both monthly and annual plans with BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°PicoBuild SaaS Apps by Simply Describing What You Want. Unlimited hosting and AI APIs included.50% discount valid until Nov 28th. Sign up using code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°HelpBellCut down on support time with our AI-powered Knowledge Base. Engage customers with AI-powered conversations. If queries get complex, direct email assistance30% OFF with code AWESOMEFRIDAY30
πŸ’°Sotion.soMembership Management for Notion β†’ Create a Notion website in 2 minutes and publish it to your own custom domain. Control access to your Notion site with Password Protection, Email Signup, Email Whitelist, or Paid Membership. Loads of customization options.40% OFF with code BFCM2023
πŸ’°CloakistRehost any webpage on your own domain, remove branding and add your own, keep visitors on your website. Works with 30+ platforms, incluring: Calendly, Linktree, Airtable, Typeform, ClickUp, Canva, Jotform, Adobe Express, Google Docs, Coda,, Microsoft Sway, and more.40% OFF with code BFCM2023
πŸ’°SaaS InterfaceThe world’s largest gallery of SaaS app design inspiration.20% OFF all plans
πŸ’°MoonshipAutomated deployments on your AWS - in minutes! Experience Heroku-like developer experience on your own AWS account. Deploy to a production-ready infrastructure with minimal effort with Moonship.50% OFF with code BLACK2023
πŸ€‘HR KitComprehensive HR solutions for small and medium business50% OFF with BF50 from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
πŸ€‘Recruitment Flow MasterRecruitment Flow Master is designed with startups and SMBs in mind. Whether you're a small team or a growing organization, this template is your secret weapon to compete for top talent efficiently and effectively.50% OFF with BF50 from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
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🌏 Social Media Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘BlackMagic.soTwitter Analytics & CRM, build an audience, schedule tweets, and other features to manage and grow your Twitter audience.BLACKFRIDAY_2023 for 40% off first year on annual plan
πŸ€‘AssemblyAssembly offers end to end tooling for your social workflow. Draft posts with a Notion-like editor, manage approvals of posts using Slack, and analyze your posts analytics across every social channel all in one place. P.S. if you do a lot of content, we also support bulk uploading and scheduling of social posts via CSV!BLACKFRIDAY2023 for 50% off for 3 months
πŸ’°MixpostSelf-hosted software that allows you to schedule and organize all of your social content in one place, without limits or monthly subscriptions. Run Mixpost on your server, take control of your data, and pay less for a powerful social media management tool.30% OFF - auto-discount
πŸ’°HypefuryGet inspiration to write your next viral post, bulk-write and schedule your content, and get more engagement on auto-pilot.BLACKFRIDAY2023PR (35% off One year Premium)
BLACKFRIDAY2023ST (30% off One year Standard)
πŸ€‘TinyZap⚑️TinyZap turns boring text links into interesting images that stand out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and social media posts. More people visit these visual links and spend time on your 🫡 websites, apps, and web destinations.50% off when you checkout at
πŸ€‘LiveReactingLiveReacting helps you get more followers and engagement by adding pre-recorded videos, games, countdowns, and polls to your stream.BLACK_FRIDAY_2023_G for 50% off for Pay as you go plan
πŸ€‘Countdow Timer AppPublish auto-updating countdown timers directly on your Facebook page.BLACKFRIDAY2023 for 30% off for PRO plan
πŸ’°WritePandaRepurpurpose your youtube/podcast content by automatically creating blogs, newsletters, tweets and captioned short clips for instagram, youtube and tiktok40% OFF with coupon code UWODA2NG.
πŸ’°TypefullyWrite and publish on 𝕏, LinkedIn and Mastodon, with AI; get personalized post ideas; share drafts and collaborate; and much more40% OFF on yearly plans, auto-applies
πŸ’°SuperstatzShowcase your Statistics using Awesome animations and build public credibility50% OFF for first period on monthly or yearly plans. Code: BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ€‘XbaseUpgrade your Twitter with our powerful Twitter Bookmark Manager, with instant search and effortless note-taking.50% OFF auto-discount
πŸ’°UsebiolinkBuild beautiful bio-link websites in minutesBLCK2023 for 50% off for yearly subscriptions

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πŸ’Έ Finance Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°GhostfolioGhostfolio is a privacy-first, open source dashboard for your personal finances. Designed to simplify asset tracking and empower informed investment decisions.33% OFF the annual Ghostfolio Premium subscription
πŸ€‘Personal & Family Net Worth TrackerA standalone spreadsheet to track your net worth and prepare for financial freedom.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Optimizing The 4% RuleThis book explains the famous 4% rule, and how to optimize it, and also outlines the concrete steps for execution. Beyond all the calculations, she also offers insights into making informed career decisions that can eventually lead to financial independence.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘FinmeiProfessional invoicing for small businesses and freelancers.$59 Lifetime Deal
πŸ’°Self-Employed FAQ Library PassA library of answers to newcomers' questions about self-employment, focusing on taxes, income/expense tracking, ACA healthcare enrollment, and more.33% off lifetime pass thru 11/25
πŸ€‘Tilla PremiumAndroid app to manage your subscriptions without hustle and get notified when a bill date is due.50% off for lifetime from 11/21 till 11/28
πŸ’°Fin - Budget TrackerBeautiful budget tracker for iOS30% OFF the annual subscription
πŸ€‘M1 SpreadsheetPortfolio management tool. Automatically track target weights, rebalance, dividend growth, and much more.60% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘ShiftApp Shift PlanningShift Planning and Employee Scheduling - simple and easy to use on both Web and Mobile.77% OFF for SEVEN MONTHS with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°SubManagerTrack your subscriptions all in one place and get notified when a renewal is due. Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.30% off SubManager+ and 20% off SubManager+ Family for lifetime during Black Friday Week starting 20th November.
πŸ’΅MesoSimAdvanced Options Backtesting service$60 one time OFF for new annual subscriptions
πŸ€‘CheckCraftPrinting checks from your Mac, iPhone or iPad50% OFF on the Mac App Store
πŸ’°DigrinDividend tracker for stock/ETF investors30% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2023

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πŸŽ› Utility Tools ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°PingNative macOS uptime monitor that uses your Mac's internet connection. Keep track of the status & speed of your websites, APIs, servers or any endpoint.30% OFF with code NEATBF2023
πŸ€‘ISHIM - OAI Domain ToolsFind the perfect name for your next project - Bulk domain WHOIS - for MacOS, Windows and LinuxUse BF23 to get 40% off for all licenses
πŸ€‘VocalaVocala is a vocabulary learning app that helps you learn and memorize new words in a better way.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Morpho ConverterInstant unit and currency converter for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.50% OFF first year of Morpho Pro by redeeming linked offer
πŸ€‘Bezel β€” iPhone mirroringShow your iPhone on your Mac, beautifully and with ease.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY during Black Friday & Cyber Monday only!
πŸ€‘TimeWave: Timer ChainsBuild Flowing Timers on iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch.50% OFF Lifetime Premium
πŸ’°OnioGo - advanced Tor controllerControl and Monitor the Tor software with User-friendly interface (Windows + Linux 64 bit).40% OFF No code needed
πŸ’°Notion BackupsEasily back up and restore your Notion workspaces42% off of a yearly plan (promo code BLACKFRIDAY2023)
πŸ’°NFT Art GeneratorNo-Code tools to generate and deploy your NFT collection30% off (promo code BLACKFRIDAY2023)
πŸ’°Domains BookLosing a domain can easily be avoided. Keep an eye on your domains expiration dates.35% discount for the first year with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY_2023 until 31th of December
πŸ’°UpVPN: Serverless VPNModern VPN for unlimited devices and unlimited data. Available for macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi OS. With prepaid, yearly, or lifetime plan20% OFF, promo code for checkout UPVPN20BF2023, valid until 30th November
πŸ€‘SenseiMaximise your Mac performance (macOS). Disk cleaner, performance dashboard, status bar monitor & more.50% off (automatic)
πŸ€‘Domain Tracker SuiteYour All-in-One Domain Management Solution.50% OFF with BF50 from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
πŸ€‘Meeting Room Manage SystemMeeting Room manage System makes scheduling meeting rooms effortless. Our all-in-one solution provides a centralized place to book, manage and monitor your meeting rooms and resources.50% OFF with BF50 from November 21st - 28th (limited spots)
πŸ€‘LinktopusYour own page. All your links and information in one place. Ready in minutes.Lifetime access for $30

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πŸ’… Boilerplates, Starter-Kit, Templates ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°TailkitCarefully crafted, easy to customize, fully responsive UI Components, Templates and Tools for your Tailwind CSS based projects.40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°AWS serverless kitAWS has never been easier with the serverless kit (best practices). Deploy your app in minutes with serverless architecture.50% OFF with code G5NJE1MW
πŸ’°AI Startup KitLaunch your AI Startup using No Code with our 12+ Ready to Use AI Web app TemplatesGet 25% off with this discount code BF25
πŸ€‘Blog Website Template, Ready to deployThis fully-functional blog template is built in Next.js and Tailwind CSS, with all the essential integrations such as EmailOctopus and Google Analytics included out-of-the-box. Simply customize the design to fit your brand and start writing your first post.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°GravitySpin up a SaaS product in 5 minutes with the leading Node.js & React SaaS boilerplate.30% OFF from Black Friday to Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°AI Launch GuideAI Launch Guide + Curated directories for AI startups, Indie Makers to launch and submit their products. Increase your product's visibility and gain quality backlinks.30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Launch LeopardSvelteKit SaaS Boilerplate to launch your app in a day.70% discount valid until end of November. no code needed
πŸ’°ShipThat.AppSwiftUI Boilerplate saving over 50hrs of initial development! Comes with user login flow, onboarding screen, in-app payments, and more!30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23 - valid until Cyber Monday
πŸ’°LaunchFa.stRapidly launch apps with Astro, SvelteKit and Next.js.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘SaaS PegasusThe fully customizable Django SaaS boilerplate trusted by over 1,000 people.50% off a lifetime, unlimited license with coupon code bf2023 (automatically applied Nov 17-28)
πŸ€‘BoilerCode.coNextJs SaaS + AI Boilerplates50% off with coupon code 50FRIDAY (valid until Cyber Monday)
πŸ’°SubstackrSubstackr is Framer website template for Substack & ConvertKit newsletters. Convert visitors into subscribers, sell digital products, and launch on ProductHunt with this easy-to-customize website template. The template comes with a free course on how to customize the template40% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2023 (valid from 11/13 - 11/30)
πŸ’°Polo ThemesFigma E-commerce UI Kits by Polo Themes. 100s of designers use our UI kits to kickstart their e-commerce design system on right foot.$20 off per checkout with coupon code BLACK20F (valid from 11/13 - 12/20)
πŸ€‘Obsidian Starter KitObsidian Starter Kit is the best entry point to productive note-taking, note-making and PKM with Obsidian50% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2023 (valid from 11/13 - 11/27)
πŸ’°Volca SaaS BoilerplateSaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit with Node.js, React and TypeScript. Launch faster with authentication, subscriptions, CI/CD and more.25% off with coupon code BLACK (valid from 11/16 - 11/30)
πŸ€‘BoilerCode.appNextJs Boilerplates From Idea to SaaS in 24 Hours!50% off with coupon code FRIDAY50 (valid until Cyber Monday)
πŸ€‘NextAppFast.comGo from Idea to Running App in Minutes!πŸš€ Our production-ready starter kit gives you a solid foundation to build on, and No-Code App Builder with AI makes it easy to develop your app without writing any code. Just download your custom generated SaaS app's code and fast-forward to launch! ⏩50% Off (no code required, coupon auto applied at checkout)
πŸ€‘CruipBeautifully designed Tailwind CSS templates for your next project.50% OFF Unlimited Access and 20% OFF all templates
πŸ€‘Classic Glide App TemplatesClassic Glide App TemplatesEach template for a flat $10

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🧩 Themes, Plugins ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Chipmunk WordPress ThemeThe perfect choice for creating a directory website in WordPress.40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY40
πŸ’°Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerceEasily create a coupon-based affiliate program for your WooCommerce site.30% OFF with code BF2023
πŸ’°Jason's Plugins For CarrdPlugins, widgets to extend & power up your Carrd sites.40% OFF with code BF2023. Will DM you a 50% code if you retweet this
πŸ’°Gato GraphQLInteract with your data in WordPress: Bulk updates, Automation, Send notifications, Sync content, and more.40% OFF the β€œAll Extensions” Bundle

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πŸ“š Books ​

πŸ“— Programming Books ​

Web Dev & Design ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Complete Guide to CSS Flex and GridBecome a Pro at building components & layouts with CSS Flexbox and Grid. Explained with 70+ real world use cases and examples. Gain access to Private CodePen links with working demos for all examples. Choose Vanilla CSS or Tailwind CSS eBook version50% discount on all versions with code BLACKFRIDAY23 valid from 17th November until Cyber Monday
πŸ€‘Dynamic TrioDynamic Trio is a practical guide for web developers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS to create modern web applications.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Tao of ReactProven rules and guidelines to build better React applications. You will learn everything about application structure, component design, testing and performance.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘Tao of NodeGuidelines and best practices to build better REST APIs with Node and Express.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘JavaScript Interview FlashcardsAn effortless way to learn fundamental JS concepts and prepare for your next interview.50% off with code TPC50.
πŸ’°Battle Ready LaravelThe ultimate guide to auditing, testing, fixing and improving your Laravel applications so you can build better apps faster and with more confidence.30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°Consuming APIs in LaravelLearn how to confidently integrate third-party APIs in your Laravel projects using maintainable, testable and extensible code.30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Angular Advocate - How to Awaken the Champion Within and Become the Go-to Expert at Work (DRM-Free eBook)Awaken the champion within and become the go-to Angular expert$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Developing Progressive Web Applications with Angular (DRM-free eBook)Mastering PWA development with Angular$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Boost Your Django DXTools and techniques to improve your Django development experience.50% off from $39 to $19.50. No code needed.
πŸ€‘Speed up Your Django TestsA practical guide to making your Django project’s tests faster.50% off from $49 to $24.50. No code needed.
πŸ€‘Django for Full Stack Web ApplicationsBuild and Deploy an e-commerce application with Python and Django$3.99. No code needed. Valid from November 23 - November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Serverless Web Applications with React and Next.jsRemember when you would use React only for the frontend of your applications, and create a whole server application to act as a backend? Those days are gone! Using Next.js, you can develop serverless web full-stack applications with ease. This book provides a guide to this powerful combination of technologies.50% off with code FRIDAY23.
πŸ€‘A Guide to React HooksLearn more about the different ways you can use hooks to take your React application development experience to the next level. This new way of writing React components will make your code cleaner and more comfortable to test!50% off with code FRIDAY23.

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Apps Development (Mobile/Desktop) ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Cracking the iOS InterviewAre you eager to secure your dream job as an iOS developer? Do you want to stand out from the competition and impress hiring managers with your iOS expertise? Look no further! "Cracking the iOS Interview" is the ultimate resource that will equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and insights needed to conquer any iOS interview.30% FLAT discount automatically applied only till Black Friday
πŸ€‘Building macOS apps with SwiftUI: A Practical Learning GuideThis book will primarily focus on building macOS apps with SwiftUI, including both coding and releasing apps.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic Framework - Angular Edition (DRM-Free eBook)Building mobile apps with Ionic Framework and Angular$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit AppsA detailed guide on gradually adopting SwiftUI in UIKit projects$50% OFF no code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023

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Backend Dev / Data Science ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Indexing Beyond the BasicsLearn to create database indexes for your slow queries by studying complicated database internals following simple principles.20-33% discount automatically applied
πŸ€‘Soccer Betting BooksHow to create a soccer betting model with Python and ML and how to build an automated betting strategy50% discount on all books with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°Inside the Machine Learning InterviewDive into the world of machine learning interviews with Inside the Machine Learning Interview: 151 Real Questions from FAANG and How to Answer Them, a comprehensive 314-page guide crafted by an ex-Amazonian and former Twitter Staff ML Engineer.25% OFF with discount code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°Python Problem-SolvingeBook with 42 challenges and multiple solutions in Python, comparing different approaches and algorithms and showing how to make effective use of Python's features and modules in code.40 % off on Black Friday with code bootcampbf23.

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Misc Programming Books ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Pair Programming with ChatGPT: AI-Enhanced Coding for the Modern Developer (Covers ChatGPT 4)AI-Enhanced Coding for the Modern Developer$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘P-AI-R Programming: How AI tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT Can Radically Transform Your Development WorkflowHow AI tools can transform your development workflow$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Boost Your Git DXMake your Git development experience super smooth.50% off from $39 to $19.50. No code needed.
πŸ€‘Legacy Code: First Aid Kit14 techniques to rescue any Legacy codebase out there!50% OFF, automatically applied

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πŸ“˜ Startup & Career Books ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘A Developer's Guide to BloggingA Practical Guide to Earning Income through Blogging.Already applied "BLACKFRIDAY" for 50% off untill cyber monday.
πŸ€‘Wifi Money BibleLearn How to Start, Grow and Automate an Online Business (210+ happy customers)Link already discounted 75%, valid till Cyber Monday
πŸ€‘Don't Say That at Work - Essential Communications Skills for Software ProfessionalsEssential communication skills for software professionals$2.49. No code needed. Valid Through November 30, 2023
πŸ€‘Nail A Coding InterviewA book about how candidates can outperform in coding interviews, from the lenses of interviewers.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Code Reviews in Tech: The Missing GuideThis tiny book outlines intentions and etiquettes that have been tested in my whole engineering career, along with examples.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘A Practical Guide to Writing a Software Technical Design DocumentThis book will guide you through the writing process of a Technical Design Doc. It also comes with a real-life example of a Technical Design Document.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Zero to Sold by Arvid KahlAn actionable no-fluff guide to bootstrapping a business. Your manual from "I have no idea" to "I just sold my SaaS business."50% OFF with code BFF
πŸ€‘The Embedded Entrepreneur by Arvid KahlYour practical guide to finding the right audience and building the product they need. Validate your ideas, and build a legacy.50% OFF with code BFF

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πŸ“• Marketing Books ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°Email Reputation Explained WellLearn how to preserve your email reputation while growing your business with this short Kindle bookAlready applied 25% off until Cyber Monday
πŸ€‘YouTube SecretsLearn how to grow and monetise your YouTube ChannelLink already discounted 75%, valid till Cyber Monday
πŸ€‘X HacksLearn how to build an audience on X (Twitter) and make money from itLink already discounted 75%, valid till Cyber Monday

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πŸ“Ή Courses ​

πŸ’» Programming Courses ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Learn Programming with Go (Golang), One Game at a TimeLearn Programming using the Go (Golang) programming language by building your own games. Excellent for beginners, who are starting out w/ programming or want to pick up Golang.80% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘Learn Programming in Python at The Python Coding PlaceAre you in the early or intermediate stages of learning to code? Membership of The Python Coding Place gives you access to courses in Python at all levels, both video-based and live courses, workshops and regular deep-dives on topics in Python Programming. You can become a Lifetime Member of The Python Coding Place's Members' Area (it's the only membership type available, there are no subscriptions!). The one-time membership fee is normally $350 and is now discounted to $95 - This is a one-time payment that gives you lifetime membership–access to everything, forever. And if you're a beginner, you can start having a look at A Python Tale, the course for complete beginners learning to code, which is free70% OFF Membership
πŸ€‘Level up with Tailwind CSSLevel up with Tailwind CSS is your journey into mastering Tailwind CSS. With in-depth insights into advanced concepts, tips and tricks, this book will enable you to work faster and with more skill. This also includes multiple real-world examples that you've always wanted to see in Tailwind CSS.50% discount on eBook and Video Course with code BLACKFRIDAY23 valid from 17th November until Cyber Monday
πŸ’°Writing Readable PHPLearn how to write PHP that is a joy to read and easy to understand for you and your team.30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°Laravel Package TrainingLearn how to create a Laravel package from scratch.30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°Laravel Beyond CRUDLearn how to build larger-than-average Laravel applications and how to maintain them for years to come.30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°Front Line PHPLearn how to build modern applications with PHP 8.230 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°Event Sourcing in LaravelA hands-on course to start using event sourcing in large Laravel applications.30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°Testing LaravelLearn how to automatically test your Laravel app using PHPUnit and Pest.30 % discount from 20 November until Cyber Monday.
πŸ’°How To Build a SaaS Product25+ hours of video content teaching you everything you need to build a SaaS product. From authentication, design and payments to security and more.30 % OFF from Black Friday until Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ’°Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp21-day intensive asynchronous bootcamp where we solve 42 programming challenges in Python.40 % off on Black Friday with code bootcampbf23.
πŸ’°Zero To Pro CourseA comprehensive beginner-to-pro course teaching how to build apps with no-code platform Become a software entrepreneur, freelancer, or just build for fun!40 % off from now until Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘πŸ§² Building and Selling AI StartupsMega discount for the Bundle of AI Premium Series90 % discount from now until Cyber Monday.
πŸ€‘Build an MVP with ElixirYou have a great product idea but struggle to bring it to life? This video course guides you through the entire process from idea to finished product. Learn how to quickly develop, deploy, and monetize your MVP with Elixir.50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Filament Admin Panel Course for Laravel (Updated for V3)Learn to build Admin Panels using FilamentPHP practically by building two projects along the way.50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Laravel with Inertia.js & Svelte: A Practical GuideLearn Inertia.js Practically using Laravel, Inertia.js and Svelte by building three projects along the way.50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Custom Auth Implementation In Laravel: A Practical GuideLearn how to implement Custom Authentication System in Laravel.50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Go In One EveningLearn Go hands-on by building real projects.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘useEffect.devReact Hooks are hard awesome! Master the best invention since React itself, and take your React experience to the next level.68% off with code FRIDAY23
πŸ’°Building Modern Web Apps with React and Next.jsA beginner-friendly online course to build your first full-stack application with React, leveraging the power of Next.js.43% off with code FRIDAY23
πŸ’°CodepipCoding games for learning CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and more.30% off with code CYBER23
πŸ’°Python Essentials for Data ScientistsBuild a solid foundation in Python and launch your Data Science career!43% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday
πŸ’°Conscious Angular TestingTesting in Angular is much easier than you think20% off with code BLACK_FRIDAY_2023
πŸ€‘CSS for JS devsThe interactive learning experience designed to help JavaScript developers become confident with CSS50% off through Cyber Monday
πŸ’°Total TypeScriptBecome the TypeScript Wizard at Your Company20% off through Cyber Monday

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πŸ”’ Information Security Courses ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ’°AppSecEngineerAppSecEngineer is a hands-on training platform for you to learn AppSec, AWS, Azure and GCP Security, DevSecOps, Kubernetes Security and Security Architecture.25% OFF all annual plans with code PUMPKINPIE25
πŸ’°Practical DevSecOpsHands on DevSecOps, Kubernetes Security, Container Security, API Security, Threat Modeling courses15% off all courses
πŸ€‘Android Applications Hacking for Bug Bounty and PentestingThis course is designed to help you kick-start the journey of android pentesting with right tools and methodology.65% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23

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🎒 Career Courses ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Get Your First Gig On UpworkA one-hour course to get your first gig on Upwork within days!Get a 50% discount by following the link
πŸ’°The RemindMe CourseRemindMe is a simple productivity system that will help you organize your to-dos and ensure enough balance for work and play.20% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ’°A 1:1 guide for engineering managersThis guide will help you to conduct better 1:1s, it includes a Notion template with simple yet effective 1:1 management setup.50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘Knowledge Worker KitThe Knowledge Worker Kit is the ideal resource and community for Knowledge Workers who want to be on top of their game and Lifelong Learners50% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2023 (valid from 11/13 - 11/27)

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πŸ“ˆ Marketing Courses ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ‘‘Your SpotSubmit your discount now to secure the top spot!πŸ’Έ
πŸ’°Complete Marketing BundleA collection of 5 actionable marketing resources for Solopreneurs.30% OFF with a promo code BLACKFRIDAY!
πŸ€‘Find your Following by Arvid KahlStop chasing growth hacks. Grow an authentic Twitter presence with intentional relationships and a following that trusts and respects you.50% OFF with code BFF
πŸ’°The Idea Sniper Crash Course - by Hazel LimIdeation bootcamp for founders who are sick of building stuff no one wants40% OFF with a promo code BLACKFRIDAY23!

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πŸ’ͺ Health and Fitness ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Gym DiarySimple & beautiful iOS App to track all your workout activities50% off on Annual Plan
πŸ’°Watch to 5KTrain to run 5K in 9 weeks with just your Apple Watch.25% off Lifetime Access
πŸ’°Swim CoachThe Number 1 Training App for Swimmers and Triathletes.Get 4 extra months when purchasing a 1-year Gold subscription
πŸ€‘ZenitizerModern & Clutter-Free Meditation Timer for ο£Ώ Devices50% Off Zenitizer+ Yearly with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
πŸ€‘Bolt - Workout & Gym Plannerο£Ώ Apple's App of the Day, Bolt simplifies workouts and tracking progress. It's the ultimate iOS fitness tracker for strength training achievement.50% off from Bolt Settings screen
πŸ€‘Glucomate: Glucose TrackerA clean and simple iOS app for recording and reviewing blood glucose data recorded in HealthKit.50% off first year subscription - no code required
πŸ’°DogNote - Pet journalApp for journaling pet-related activities with your family.40% off Annual Plan

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Miscellaneous ​

NameDescriptionDiscount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘Small Bets CommunityAn online community for solopreneurs. Regular live classes from domain experts, and a support network to help you get your first small wins. 3,800+ members!50% off lifetime membership. Applied automatically.
πŸ’°NotionReadsNotionReads is the ultimate Notion template to help you organize all of your bookshelves digitally. It integrates an interactive booksearch and lets you import directly from Goodreads.20% off lifetime access with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’°Side Projects Making $$$+A complete collection of notion databases detailing every side project making real money posted to Hacker News from 2014-2023. Updated regularly.20% Off Using code 'SAVER23' until 30th Nov
πŸ€‘Digital Photo Frame AppTurn your iPad into a beautiful and powerful digital photo frame!50% off lifetime access. Applied automatically.
πŸ’ΌDevITjobsTransparent Tech Job Board with salary info. Over 1500 IT / Dev Jobs with salary ranges and tech stack info.25% off the Annual Subscription with code GITHUB_BF_DEAL
πŸ€‘Wifi Money ChadsA private community of entrepreneurs where you can ask any question about building your own business. We keep you accountable and give you the right direction to start and scale your businessLink already discounted 75%, valid till Cyber Monday
πŸ’°SponsorLeadsA (daily updated) Airtable base with companies that are actively advertising in other newsletters to help you find new sponsors for yours.Daily decreasing discount until Christmas
πŸ€‘Blog Money DBA complete collection of 60,000+ profitable blogs earning at least $50K per year. Created for content creators, brands and businesses. Updated regularly.50% Off Liftime access. Applied Automatically
πŸ€‘SaaS PricerA collection of more than 300 SaaS Product pricing that could be filtered by freemium, free trial, subscription and other pricing options, products' value metrics and screen shots of their pricing pages.50% off Lifetime with code Saas_Friday on Gumroad
πŸ’°The 100K Database Course and CommunityA complete course and community that teaches how to build a profitable Subscription Database SaaS. Created for entrepreneurs, founders, agencies and businesses to learn, build and grow. Data is the new oil. Learn how to profit from selling valuable data today.20% Off lifetime access and membership applied automatically
πŸ€‘FilmNoir for Trakt.tvExplore and track your favorite movies & TV shows with FilmNoir, the ultimate visually stunning tracker.Up to 50% off the Lifetime purchase and the first year on Plus Annual with code BLACKFRIDAY23
πŸ€‘GP Calendar MacNever miss a Formula1 race start (or qualifications/practices) with this native Mac app that lives in the top menu bar50% off (= $1.50 for lifetime!) with code BF2023
πŸ’°Plan2Wed Online wedding planningPlan your or someones wedding with Plan2Wed, an online collaborative platform for engaged couples and wedding planners50% Off a wedding with PLANFRIDAY (no subscription)
πŸ’°Latest Garbage Collector Techonology: GEME ComposterThe real-world garbage collector for both programers and non-programers. Turn food waste into organic compost, feed your plants, bug free!$60 OFF with BlackFriday (no subscription, life time!)
πŸ’°ExploitPack.comAdvanced exploitation framework with 0days and 39.000+ exploitsLIFETIME License - Upgrade from 1-year license to Lifetime (Only a 10 licenses are available)
πŸ’°AWS Fundamentals - AWS for the real worldIn AWS Fundamentals, you will learn the basic AWS services and how you can get started building with AWS. We love to learn and teach visually. This is why we've created infographics for every service within the book.30% OFF with discount code BLACK30

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