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20 Awesome Keyboard-First Mac Apps 😃 ​

The definition of a Keyboard-first App is: Your app should prioritize keyboard interaction, or it should help users use the keyboard more efficiently. A Keyboard-First App can help users improve focus, increase efficiency, and save a lot of time.

These are 20 awesome Keyboard-First Apps that I have collected:

App NameIntroductionPriceCategory
1RaycastA speedy, expandable launcherFreeProductivity
2KarabinerKey Customization, Complex modificationsFreeUtilities
3Keyboard MaestroMacro Recorder, Automatic actions$38Automation
4TypinatorText expansion, Typing acceleration$29.99Productivity
5CleanClipClipboard history management$19.99Productivity
6QuicksilverQuick launchFreeUtilities
7ShortcatOperate without using a mouseFreeProductivity
8KeyCueShortcuts explorer for current program$29.99Education
9aTextText expansion, Typing acceleration$4.99Productivity
10MagnetWindow management, supports keyboard operations$4.99Productivity
11LaunchBarQuick Launch, Custom Search€35Productivity
12KeySmithCreate Shortcuts$54Productivity
13UnshakySoftware fix for MacBook's butterfly keyboardFreeUtilities
14MoomWindow management$9.99Productivity
15KeyCastrOnscreen keystroke visualizerOpen SourceUtilities
16TypeIt4MeOriginal textual macro utility$19.99Productivity
17MaccyClipboard history managementFreeProductivity
18HammerspoonA powerful scripting toolFreeScripting Tool
19AlfredQuicklaunch, Custom HotkeysFree, Powerpack £34Productivity
20Vimac (now Homerow)Efficient Keyboard NavigationFreeProductivity
21MacaifyFast use of ChatGPTFreeAI

If you believe that your app is also Keyboard-First, please send the website link and a brief description to [email protected], and we will add your app.